Thursday, 13 November 2014

invincible hero

“Superhero movies...can become box-office gold” a national newspaper said recently. BBC news reported that there are now some 30 superheroes in films and comics. What is it within us that finds so compelling the idea of someone endowed with amazing powers being on hand to overcome evil?
As a kid I was enthralled by superman: bullets bouncing off his chest overcoming every villain.
Now I follow a greater truly invincible hero: Jesus of Nazareth. Weapons did not bounce off of him. Mere nails penetrated his flesh as he was pinned to a cross and died. But 3 days later he rose bodily from the dead and he did it for real in history, not in comic fiction. Isaiah, foreseeing hundreds of years before it happened, the coming of Jesus as our saviour called him “Mighty God” which can be translated “Hero God”.

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