Sunday, 22 September 2013

Can Google Solve Death?

“Can Google solve death?” ran a headline in the current issue of Time. It added that “the search giant is launching a venture to extend the human life span. That would be crazy-if it weren't Google”. With a world view that believes “everything is solvable if you reduce it to data and then throw enough processing power at it. The project “might one day defeat death itself”. Don`t you think that we should tell the geeks of Silicon Valley that the problem has already been solved. Two thousand years ago the man, Jesus, was publicly executed; certified dead (they speared him through his ribs just to make sure); buried and on the third day after being killed he rose bodily from the dead to be seen alive in public by many people over several weeks. Death has indeed been solved: it has been “swallowed up in victory”. 

Ron White