Wednesday, 21 May 2014

God makes a way


Mario Costeja González has gained immortality by insisting on being forgotten. Whenever he googled his name a 1998 report would appear about his home being auctioned to pay his debts. The European Court of Justice has ruled that Google should remove the link and that there was a “right to be forgotten”. Whether that judgment can be enforced is another matter. But can wrong be forgotten? The Bible says our wrong doing “is engraved with an iron tool” (Jeremiah 17:1). That suggests it cannot be simply forgotten. The good news is that God has made away for our wrong doing to be wiped from the record. Not by Google or anyone else juggling a bit of computer code or by any court but God himself wipes out the charges against us by taking them away and nailing them to the cross (Col 2:14) when we admit our faults to him and ask for forgiveness. Great news!



  1. I found your blog from another fellow blogger. So glad I did....enjoy your words of wisdom and inspiration. Hope you have an awesome rest of the week.

  2. What amazing grace our God bestows on us! It fills my heart with gratitude. Thanks for sharing this post.