Monday, 6 May 2013

are we hiding in the wine press?

God wants us to experience encounters with Him, through these encounters God comforts, challenges, heals and forgives us. 
He changes us. 
We cannot manipulate these encounters but we can make ourselves available, to be attentive to His voice and to follow His guidance.
We need to set aside time to meet with Him daily, to commune with Him and seek His plan for our lives.
We read about many encounters with God throughout the Bible, many men and women who have had their lives changed through these confrontations with their heavenly Father.
The Israelites were being oppressed by the Midianites, they cried out to God and He demonstrated His mercy by raising up a man named Gideon. 
The Israelites had disobeyed God and this was the reason they had fallen into a dangerous place. Gideon was hiding in a wine press threshing his wheat when he encountered God. This encounter left him a different person, he had gone from hiding from his enemies to being called a 'Mighty man of valour'. 
He had been transformed.
Are we hiding in the wine press or do we want to experience an encounter with God? 
We need to be attentive to His voice and follow His commands

Lindsey Toms

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